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Weekend Reading List September 17, 2010

Posted by Erik Swanson in Articles, Research/Data, Retail News, Uncategorized.

1. Time for Banks to Sell Nonperforming Loans?  – National Real Estate Investor- If you follow our blog, you’ve probably noticed our frustration in working with lenders. Even with highly qualified and well positioned buyers, we’ve found it very difficult to put together note sales on non-performing assets…Perhaps now with Banks balance sheets looking better we’ll see a willingness to deal.

2. Aftermath of commercial real estate downturn won’t be easy, analysts say – Dallas Morning News.  Various speakers at the RealShare Distressed Assets conference Thursday morning in Dallas provided some interesting commentary on the state of the CRE Market. My favorite quote is from Michael Buckley,  University of Texas at Arlington, “We are in a mess, and it’s complicated.” Yep. That sums it up nicely.

3. Commercial Delinquencies Rise Sharply In The Puget Sound Region Puget Sound Business Journal. Reporter Jeanne Lang Jones, provides a frank look at the state of CRE locally. Refer to article 1 above.

4. Foreign Investors Hover Over U.S. Real Estate, But Few Swoop In Costar Group. According to JLL there’s been a 176% increase in cross border investment year over year in the United States. Locally, we’ve seen a definite increase in interest in our listings primarily from foreign investors in Canada and Asia. 
5. Thousands Contest King County Property ValuationsPuget Sound Business JournalWith up to a 40% decline in value since ’07, there’s reason to take a hard look at your assessed value. Let us know if we can help.
Have a good weekend!


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