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Emerging Trends Report Names Seattle a Top Market October 14, 2010

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Seattle, along with San Fran, DC, and Boston are named top markets in the just released PricewaterhouseCooper/Urban Land Institute Emerging Trend’s report. The report is compiled after interviewing nearly 900 industry professionals.  The Seattle metro area ranked sixth for commercial and multifamily investment opportunities in 2011.

“Gateway 24-hour cities will always dominate and outshine secondary markets.”

The takeaway? The start of the recovery is in sight but it will be slow and we won’t return to a market that looks anything like what we saw before it tanked in ’08. There will be little new development in the next 5 years as vacant space is absorbed. For investors with cash, opportunities will present themselves. However, they will have to make do with more modest returns and there will a lot less “homerun” deals. After two years of sitting in the dugout, most us would be happy with doubles and singles.  “Small ball” anyone?

The Top 10 Markets:

  1. Washington D.C. 7.01
  2. New York 6.56
  3. San Francisco 6.34
  4. Boston 6.20
  5. Seattle 6.09
  6. Houston 6.02
  7. Los Angeles 5.84
  8. San Diego 5.63
  9. Denver 5.58
  10. Dallas 5.50

You can find the full report here.



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