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Umpqua Bank’s Financial Forecast 2011 Review October 20, 2010

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Although we were disappointed that we were unable to attend PSBJ & Umpqua Bank’s “Financial Forecast 2011” breakfast this morning, we are happy to have found a review of the presentation by Michael van Baker at The SunBreak.com

The full article is worth a read here.  It appears that the mood continues to lighten when it comes to discussing the economy.  There is growing encouragement from many angles about the future of our state and the prospects that one day we might be out of this mess.  This paragraph summarizes it well:

This morning’s key pronouncement from Raha–“What we need now is just a few months of nothing going wrong,” a big laugh line as it turns out–contrasted strongly with the suppressed panic of the last big economic forecast I attended in December of 2008. The mood now is one of growing impatience, having seen the worst, with the progress of recovery–though all the panelists were careful to emphasize that patience will be exactly what’s required.”

For other up to date information about  Seattle, check out their blog at thesunbreak.com.



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