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Four Blogs for Friday December 3, 2010

Posted by Erik Swanson in Articles, Blogs, Research/Data, Retail News.

The Tenant Advisor explores the rise of internet shopping and the effect on both retail and industrial real estate. With a huge increase over last year, 2010 was the biggest Black Monday on record with sales in excess of $1 Billion. Well located retail will always be good real estate, but industrial stands to benefit the most from this shift in consumer habits.

Marketwi.se  John Reeder discusses the challenge brokers, asset managers, and servicers are experiencing when trying value assets in this market. With little facts to support assumptions, its difficult enough to value well located and stabilized assets, let alone an outlier.

TrafficCourt – Holiday retail sales are off to a good start but retailers had to offer deep discounts to get shoppers to spend. Same-store sales surged by about 6.0 percent year-over-year–almost doubling the 3.6 percent gain analysts had expected.

 Seeking Alpha  asks “Where is all the distressed property?” The fact is that many of the lenders have not foreclosed on too many properties…yet. The workouts continue and many are trying to stabilze what they have in hopes to get some of the value lost through vacancy. However, call us if you’d like to see some that are imminent.



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